Give me 30 days, I’ll change your body.  Give me 60 days. I’ll change your life.”

Here’s the truth about transformation no one wants to tell you.

It’s simple.

It takes consistency and frequency.  Show up.  Show up often.  That’s it. We will take care of the rest. That’s why we’re here.  It starts October 1.

The 30 Day Challenge is an opportunity to transform.  What’s your goal? How many classes have you been taking? How many more can you add in? If you’re at 2 per week, we recommend to try 3.  How much transformation are you looking for? What if you do 4? What happens at 5?

What can you expect from this challenge? You get out of it what you put in. Maybe your back is sore? You have head aches? You need to burn some visceral fat? You have high blood pressure? You want to eat more pizza?  Use this challenge to heal and strengthen your body and get what your body needs.

Expect transformation; physically and emotionally.  Expect to make friends. Expect to need new clothes. Expect to improve your skin. Expect to fall in love with yourself more. Expect to get what your body needs.

What are you waiting for? Come Today!


How Do I Hydrate?

Being hydrated is a way to prepare for yoga and pilates classes.  If you are pounding water before class STOP! These 3 things will help you!


  1. USE YOUR CHANGE PURSE!  What? Yeah.  My gramma always told me to keep my change in a change purse and I’d always have a “little something” if I was short on cash.  Water works in a similar way! How? Well, it takes about 60-70 minutes for water to hit your organs and be ready for use.  If you pound water before class, your body can’t even use it until you’re almost done. Put the water in WAY before. Start the night before class and/or during the day before you go.  That way your body has plenty of water to function when you add intense exercise. When you reach for your change purse, you want to hear it jingle.
  2. EAT YOUR VEGGIES! Another Gramma motto.  Veggies contain water, especially when cooked.  Fruits are full of water, too and guess what else fruits and veggies contain? Electrolytes.  We need water, yes and we need sodium, potassium, and magnesium, just to name a few essential electrolytes. The dizzies and the nausea are all part of dehydration and you can prevent them easily with good food and water.
  3. DRINK THE RIGHT AMOUNT! You know when to stop eating because you feel full, but what about when to stop drinking water? When drinking water is new, it’s easy to go over board.  The easiest place to start is to take your weight and divide it by 2.  Start by drinking that many ounces of water per day and see how you feel.  Most people need another 8 ounces of water per 30 minutes of exercise.  So, you can play with that, too.  Take a 90 minute yoga class or 60 minutes pilates class? Drink an extra 12-24 ounces of water after and see if that helps with tomorrows hydration.

The more you practice, the more body awareness you gain, the easier it all becomes! See you inCLASS!class014

Optimized Pricing Starts 09/03/18

Wait, what about the membership I’m on?

$99 Auto Membership is going out with the fanny pack this year!  We all love a good fanny pack, but it’s time to let it go.  If you just love your existing membership you’re  grandfathered in, so nothing will change, BUT we also have an AWESOME DEAL for you…


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Presenting Queen City 2.0

New Classes.  New Schedule. Optimized Pricing. Beginning September 3, 2018

Queen City is bringing you more and bringing you our best.  We are adding 7 Inferno Hot Pilates and 2 Hot 26+ classes to our schedule on September 3.  We are adding Optimized Pricing by giving everyone the opportunity to Opt-in to our SPECIAL Auto Membership: $89/month.  Lock in by 09/16/18 and it’s yours!  It includes 15% off retail always, free childcare, $10 drop-in for your teens, and 3 buddy passes at time of purchase. Can be put on hold one time for 30 days EVERY year!


OPEN HOUSE 9/15 and 9/16

FREE CLASSES/ 20% off retail/  2 for 1 Intro Specials.

9:30AM Bikram Method / 12PM IHP /2PM Hot 26+ SATURDAY 9/15 AND SUNDAY 9/16

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.. — Brene Brown